Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm 30

So the blog has really fallen off a cliff this month. I don't quite know what happened, but this hiatus won't continue. I've been having a ball, traveling a lot, stressing a lot, planning a lot, working a lot... and before I know it, it's March 26.

I am currently editing the master playlist that Dave has put together for my party, and if you know Dave, you know this is no minor task. We've been organizing my Big Lebowski themed 30th for weeks, and still have a ton of last minute stuff to get done.

We have our costumes, almost. Well, Dave has his, but mine is missing something. On our way to dinner last night, we walked by some classic Hollywood Blvd stores- the stripper shoe emporiums, sex shops that turn into costume stores around Halloween, Armenian suit dealers, wig warehouses- and I popped into one "costume" store to look for a nude bodysuit. My mistake was asking the owner for help and grabbing the opaque bodysuit out of his hand without really reading the entire description on the box. A block down the street, I notice it's missing one minor component- a crotch. Yep, he sold me an opaque, nude, crotchless bodysuit. Well happy birthday to me!! And of course, no returns...

Note to marketing: some adjectives deserve more
visual prominence than others.
The funny thing is, in what situation would a long sleeve tan body suit ever be so sexy that it would be necessary to NOT have a crotch? Who would actually keep this on during sex, Eskimos? Mormons? Maybe it's made for outdoor go-go dancing, so you can quickly pee and get back on stage? I advertised this as "Jackie Treehorn Presents Tiffany's XXX" but the double entendre was that XXX is 30 in Roman Numerals, and Jackie Treehorn produces porn. Maybe the crotchless body suit is meant to be.

Anyway, now I have to go to American Apparel, which I always try to avoid, to find a leotard or something I can wear in lieu of or under this. Make it work!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marching into Decade 3

Okay, I couldn't think of an apt title for ringing in the glorious month of March. I love this month. Yeah, it's my birthday month, but it always just feels right. I like the sound of it, I like the way it looks, I like spelling it (unlike February, which I still always second-guess). It means spring, it means springing forward (daylight savings is ending or starting or whatever the hell- all I know is that I get to drive home with the sun up!!), it means birth and renewal and St. Patrick's Day. It's here!

Count down to 30- now I have 26 days. I'm excited. I feel like I'm ready.

Today, I was on the uber side of responsible, I think to make up for the yin-yang state of being blacked-out/hungover all weekend in San Francisco. I got traction on a bunch of cases at work, broke in new high-heel booties, had an annual eye exam after work (prescription was reduced in one eye!!), and did my reading for my new class tomorrow-while taking breaks to do laundry. Hot damn, right? Balance in life appears to be important, and natural. This weekend was ridiculous, and it was spent with women of 5 different decades- me (still 20s, barely, hey it counts!); my family friend Sheri (30s); her good friend (40s); my mama (50s) and aunt Barb (60s- unbelievable). You know what's fun about parting with your mom? She thinks it's adorable when you get so drunk that you tell the cab driver you trust him more than your father.
Num num num

The point of the trip was to have some quality girl time, and we certainly delivered, SF Mardi Gras style. Sheri is actually on her way to the Big Easy this week, to meet up with my Canjun step-family. This got her in the mood, to say the least.

I look confused, but yeay for everyone else looking fab!

Cheers to good genes, and happy March everyone!